Regular price $2,052.32

This price is for a set of two 18' poles made in 3K woven carbon fiber.

To pull dredges, a 22ft or 27ft pole is required due to the reinforced base tube. It is not recommended to attempt to pull dredges with an 18ft pole. 

We are now offering 1-3/4" and 1-7/8" adapters for fitting our outrigger systems into lay-down style outrigger mounts. The 1-3/4" adapters allow you to install into bases such as the Rupp Tournament Lift-Out, while the 1-7/8" are compatible with Lee's Jr/Wishbone mounts and others. 

Our 27ft outriggers are only available now as a special order. If you would like to purchase a pair please call the office.

The use of shade with any non GEMLUX base could cause damage to the base.

Also please note that our 18ft poles can only be double rigged. Triple rigging requires the 22ft or 27ft poles.

Pole Size Pull Dredges Rigging
18ft No Double
22ft Yes Triple
27ft Yes Triple