Albin Pump Marine Macerator Toilet Waste Water 43L (11.5 GPM) 12V 03-01-005

Albin Pump

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Waste Water Macerator 43L (11.5 GPM) 12V

Macerator Pump 12V equipped with rotary cutter and impeller to discharge waste water with high capacity.

Capacity 43 L/min (11,5 GMP) output at 4 m total head. Self priming up to 1,5 m vertical lift.

Brass and stainless steel internal parts and pump body in thermo polymer with a long lasting impeller. Inlet port 38mm (1,5″) and outlet 25mm (1″). Amperage 12A. Interchangeable with Jabsco 18590-2092, Johnson Pump 10-24453-04.