Quantum 45 Series Epoxy Surfacing Primer - Off White Base 45-SP-WHITE - 1QT


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Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer

Quantum45 surfacing primer, when paired with Quantum45 White or gray base, is designed to maximize gloss and adhesion of topcoats, this two-component epoxy-polyamide surfacing primer provides corrosion protection to aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and previously painted materials. Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer  gives adequate filling for projects not needing extra build.  With application properties similar to a topcoat, it is most often used as the finish primer for Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat once sanded to the end user’s level of satisfaction. 

  • Contains anticorrosive pigment
  • Dry time between 1-3 hours, apply up to 12 wet mils
  • Easy to sand
  • Pot life of 8 hours at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mix ratio 1:1