Quantum Flattening Paste 99-X-113 - 1GAL


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Quantum Flattening Paste reduces gloss of Quantum99 Polyurethane & Varnish to a flat or semi-gloss finish. Best results can be achieved when Quantum99 is sprayed.

  • Flattening paste is added to the mixed polyurethane and varnish to lower the gloss
  • It can be used to create a semi-gloss or flat level of gloss

Quantum Cold Cure Epoxy Accelerator Quantum45 Cold Cure Epoxy Accelerator maintains cure times of Quantum45 and Quantum30 Epoxy primers in cooler weather and can reduce cure times by as much as 50% in standard conditions.

  • Accelerates dust free, recoat, and sandable times of Q45 and Q30 epoxy primers
  • Minimal effect on pot life in standard conditions