TACO Marine Outrigger Line Tensioner

TACO Marine

Regular price $159.99

If you rig your halyard lines to the gunwale of your boat, the Outrigger Line Tensioner is what you've been waiting for. Its sleek, stainless-steel, mushroom design allows halyard pulley blocks to be locked into place with zero effort. The Line Tensioner eliminates unattractive, and sometimes painful, "camel-back" cleats. This is another go-to accessory from TACO Marine.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation using 3/4" drill bit through the gunnel
  • Mushroom head-threaded bolt
  • Adjustable for boats with 1" to 2-1/2" thick gunnels
  • Easy Ronstan medium cam cleat for 1/8" to 1/4" thick rope
  • Heavy-duty lock washer to prevent loosening from excess vibration
  • Electro-polished bracket with countersunk mounting holes
  • 1-year limited warranty