Taco Marine Pro Series GS-400 Mount for 1-1/2" Outrigger Pair

TACO Marine

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Boats up to 50' and 1600 horsepower require heavy-duty equipment. The new Pro Series Grand Slam 400 Outrigger Base is the beast you need! It's increased girth and weight is designed to handle the additional pressure from torque and whip the longer outrigger poles generate. As the "big brother" to the popular GS-280, the new GS-400 will power through a day of offshore excitement and be ready for tomorrow. If you can take it, so can they!

NOTE: This product may have a lead time of up to six weeks. Please contact us to make sure before ordering. 

Features and Benefits

  • Tested and proven
  • Heavy duty base and arm
  • Handles additional torque and whip from outrigger poles up to 24'
  • Sleek appearance
  • Uses 1-1/2" TACO Tele-Outriggers
  • Cast stainless-steel and machined aluminum construction
  • Strong, locking head allows perfect positioning
  • Allows for horizontal rotation from under the T-top
  • Comes with two heavy-duty backing plates
  • 3-year limited warranty