Taco Marine Pro Series GS-500 Mount with Twist & Lock Base - Pair

Taco Marine

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You've finally found the ultimate outrigger base. TACO's innovative minds created the most durable, attractive and functional base in the sport fishing industry. The NEW Pro Series GS-500 Outrigger Top Mount was developed to provide the ultimate step in making your offshore trips more efficient. Beginning with the new Twist & Lock pole connection, the base eliminates the frustrating task of locating the pin hole or installing a bolt for installation.  Considering the ability of today's larger center consoles to get offshore in more treacherous seas, the heavy duty GS-500 is a mount designed to take you there. Its strength and durability allows you to run your boat as hard as your crew can take it, without fear of equipment failure. Because this base provides the ability to horizontally rotate and vertically lift the poles from under the T-top, you never have to leave the safety of your boat deck. 

Features and Benefits

  • Rotate and lift the outrigger from the safety of the deck
  • Equipped with the patent-pending Twist & Lock Mechanism for one-handed, easy, fast and secure outrigger pole installation
  • Eliminates need for pins or bolts to secure outrigger poles to bases
  • Dredge load tested to handle a full, professional fishing spread for increased catch ratio
  • Ideal for hard-core fishing boats from 32 to 50-plus feet to help fill fish boxes
  • Absorbs the torque and whip created by outrigger poles 24' and beyond
  • Pairs with our revolutionary Twist & Lock Carbon Fiber Heavy Duty Tele-Outriggers
  • Cast stainless-steel and machined-aluminum body construction for a stronger and lighter base
  • Includes matching 6”x 8"x ½” thick, oval backing plates for additional support and strength
  • Heavy-duty, ergonomically shaped handle for strength and a comfortable grip
  • Safety detents prevent uncontrolled rotation when deploying outrigger poles
  • Allows a controlled 180° rotation, if needed
  • Locking head perfectly positions outriggers to eliminate downward creep of the outrigger poles
  • Full-bodied, round crank handle for comfortable, easy rotation of vertical lift from under the T-top
  • Crank handle stows in locked position open and closed
  • Polished, stainless-steel arm is an attractive accessory
  • No port or starboard designation – each unit will fit either side of the T-top
  • Includes all needed stainless-steel mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Base hole pattern matches all TACO Marine Grand Slam models – making upgrades possible
  • 3-year limited warranty